Published: Edible Vancouver Almost Spring 2014

Cabbage 006

Cabbage 004

Cabbage 009

Cabbage 010

Cabbage 007

Cabbage 001

Cabbage 002

Cabbage 005

Cabbage 003

Cabbage 008Another edition of Edible Vancouver has hit the shelves here in the Lower Mainland, and I’ve got some photos (of cabbage!) gracing its pages. One of the joys of photography is the space that it gives you to be observant and appreciate small details that you would probably otherwise overlook; I can’t say that I’ve ever gazed upon a cabbage and thought it was beautiful, but that is exactly what I did for two hours while taking these pictures. Delicate, intricately coloured, gorgeously textured…who would of thought you could use such words to describe a simple cabbage! To see the article in the magazine, click here (pg.46-47).




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