Tour de Chocolat









chocolat8Bikes, hot chocolate, and a perfectly clear Vancouver evening…it doesn’t get much better for mid-January. Vancouver’s Annual Hot Chocolate Festival is currently in town, and needless to say I’m a huge fan. The premise of the festival is the creation of delicious, one-of-a-kind hot chocolates in cafés throughout the city. Small business owners and chefs succeed in putting together some pretty phenomenal drinks during the duration of the festival, so it’s worth getting out and exploring the various venues. We spent a Friday evening on bikes zipping around the city’s cafés for a sampling of what there is to offer this year, and we weren’t disappointed. Try wrapping your senses around these hot chocolate flavours: curry, rum eggnog, banana bread, hibiscus white chocolate…to name a few. There were even some chocolate-themed cocktails on the menu for night-crawlers like us. If you are in Vancouver – go get yourself some hot chocolate. And if you are in a different city, that has the misfortune not to have a hot chocolate festival – start one!

– MP


4 thoughts on “Tour de Chocolat

  1. Great photos, Michelle, and what a good idea for a festival. There would be no zipping around on bikes here at this time of year, however, for anything. -20 plus wind chill is daunting, even in a car. You have inspired me to make myself an old-fashioned hot chocolate right now with cocoa, sugar, and hot milk. Oma used to cook it for a while on the stove and have it ready for me on cold days when I would come home for lunch (in elementary school). Good memories. If you are going to try an interesting cocktail, try a chocolate martini.

    1. …Morgan and I just got back from trying a passion fruit hot chocolate! So good! I hope your “old fashioned” hot chocolate (my favourite kind) is delicious and warms you up on what sounds like a crazy cold day! xo

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