Kits Beach


kitsbeach2Kits Beach is just down the hill from where I live, 15 minutes on foot. In the summer, it’s a muscle-head, tiny bikini, sweaty skin-filled kind of place. Kits Pool, for those who don’t like dipping in the ocean, is 137m long and is the perfect place for relaxing, tanning, and working on your Speedo lines (mine are still faintly visible…). Kits is  busy and noisy – but still beautiful – in the summer. During the winter months, Kits shows a different side of its personality. The beach, now vacant, grows bigger and smaller with the natural rhythm of the tide. It almost feels as if it’s rejuvenating after a hard summer’s work. The pool is transformed. Gates locked shut, with no caretakers, the algae is free to grow. Seagulls take the place of sun bathers on the cold cement deck. I am, and always will be, a summer girl. But I love the quiet that winter brings to Kits.

– MP


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