Winter Solstice Lantern Festival

Lanterns 010

Lanterns 011

Lanterns 020

RH2013_Solstice_MichellePeters_ 001

RH2013_Solstice_MichellePeters_ 008

RH2013_Solstice_MichellePeters_ 011

RH2013_Solstice_MichellePeters_ 012

RH2013_Solstice_MichellePeters_ 013

RH2013_Solstice_MichellePeters_ 015Over the past six months, I’ve had the pleasure of doing volunteer photography work at the Roundhouse, a local community centre here in Downtown Vancouver. I’ve had the opportunity to meet and work with so many people that I otherwise would have never met: fellow volunteers, City arts and recreation programmers, and the many individuals and families that make Vancouver a diverse and interesting place to live. One of the great pleasures of photography (or any other art form for that matter) is sharing it with other people, so my biggest hope is that the people who have been to the events I’ve photographed or whose smiling faces are in these images actually get to see them, and take joy in looking at them.

The pictures you see above are from a Solstice event that takes place annually in the city. The weeks leading up to the event are busy and full of lantern making as well as the creation of various gorgeous light installations. Volunteers are pivotal in bringing it all together, as there are hundreds of lanterns that need to be made prior to the event, and it couldn’t be done without lots of hands. The event itself occurs on the Solstice, and involves a procession of people and lanterns, followed by a gathering at the Roundhouse. The Roundhouse is transformed into a celebration of Light. A light maze, a stunning tree of light, and a myriad of performances ensure that there is something for everyone to enjoy.

To see a complete set of pictures, you can follow these links: (lantern making) event, the first 17 photos are from another volunteer photographer)



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