Published! Edible Vancouver High Summer 2013

A few months ago I sent my portfolio to the editor at Edible Vancouver; I had picked up one of their magazines in a local shop, and loved the publication. The focus of Edible Vancouver is food, in and around Vancouver (the name is telling no doubt). This issue came out at the beginning of August; so exciting to see some photos in print, on actual paper, in a *real* magazine. Anyways, I had a ton of fun taking these photos. The first set were for an article on steelhead salmon (pg.26-30). The second set were for an article on granitas (pg.49-52). Couldn’t have done either of these without Morgan Edwards (my model and patient fisherman for the steelhead photos) or Alison Ramage (food and prop stylist extraordinaire for the granita photos). Here are a couple of shots from the magazine, and you can also click on this link to see an online version of it:

HighSummer (1)






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