Giro on the Mind

UBC_Crit 001

UBC_Crit 003

UBC_Crit 002

UBC_Crit 004

UBC_Crit 005

UBC_Crit 007

UBC_Crit 006Every morning for the past week or so, we’ve been streaming the Giro d’Italia, Italy’s grand tour of cycling, into our kitchen as we sip our morning coffee. It’s some pretty inspirational television, complete with drama between rivals, treacherous mountain passes, high speed crashes, and underdogs that sneak out of the pack to take a win. This week we headed out for some local spectating at UBC, where they hold a weekly crit series. Racers do laps of a looped course, and the first one over the line after a set amount of time wins. It may not have the scenic allure of Italy, but these local races still have all of the drama, rivalry, and spectator appeal of Pro cycling’s big tours!


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