Flowers for Mother’s Day

Flowers 001

Flowers 004

Flowers 002

Flowers 003

Flowers 005

Flowers 006

Flowers 008

Flowers 009

Flowers 007

It’s Mother’s Day, and I’m about 4000 km from all of the beautiful and courageous  Moms in my  family who I am lucky enough to have in my life. I spent today thinking of all of you (Mom, Grandma, Oma, and Aunts) and “collecting” these flowers to send your way. Much love to you all and miss you! XO Michelle


3 thoughts on “Flowers for Mother’s Day

  1. Beautiful photos…The “out of focus” effect makes these pictures look like watercolour paintings….I love purple too!

  2. You left the best til last – bleeding hearts, representative of how much we miss you being so far away. Always one of my favourites, the out-of-focus background accentuates their perfection. Thank you for the tribute to us, the women in your famille. With much love, and hugs. Aunt Mary

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