False Creek

I have literally been prowling around Vancouver at night, with a sudden obsession with the moon. Really, the moon is just so damn pretty and so damn bright, it needs to be admired more often. It makes me want to climb into the sky and just hang out up there (only if it really were made of cheese though, let’s be honest). Couldn’t decide whether to like the world in colour or black and white this time around, so here you have both. [False Creek, Vancouver]


2 thoughts on “False Creek

  1. I understand your moon fascination. Lately, I can’t stop looking at it. A friend of mine is due to give birth any day now. I keep thinking it will be tomorrow during the full moon. I suggested the word “Bader” which means romantic moon in Arabic for the baby. In Japan, they have moon gazing evenings called O-Tsukimi at which they compose poetry to the full moon. They believe that there is a rabbit pounding rice for cakes while we seen the “man in the moon.” Now I see the rabbit and not the man. I like your moon shots. Especially the Good Morning Van.

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