Shy Meteors…

  Hung out at the beach last night trying to catch some meteor sightings from the Camelopardalid meteor shower. Alas! The heavens didn’t procure any glorious, streaking lights for us last night. Clouds also rolled in halfway through our gazing session…mother nature just wasn’t feeling cooperative. But, still had a chance to try my hand […]

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Sunshine Coasting

As I sit here writing this, my legs (and back, and neck, and…) are still burning from the bike adventuring that myself and friend Stephanie embarked on this past weekend. Vancouver to Nanaimo, Nanaimo up to Powell River, and then down the Sunshine Coast back home to the city. Beautiful. Early Spring touring means campgrounds that […]

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Tour de Chocolat

Bikes, hot chocolate, and a perfectly clear Vancouver evening…it doesn’t get much better for mid-January. Vancouver’s Annual Hot Chocolate Festival is currently in town, and needless to say I’m a huge fan. The premise of the festival is the creation of delicious, one-of-a-kind hot chocolates in cafés throughout the city. Small business owners and chefs […]

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Kits Beach

Kits Beach is just down the hill from where I live, 15 minutes on foot. In the summer, it’s a muscle-head, tiny bikini, sweaty skin-filled kind of place. Kits Pool, for those who don’t like dipping in the ocean, is 137m long and is the perfect place for relaxing, tanning, and working on your Speedo […]

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Elfin Lakes

It’s 5:45 am, and my alarm is insistently telling me that it’s time to lift my tired muscles out of bed and get moving. There have been earlier starts than this one, but any wake-up that takes place in the dark is a tough one for me. We hurriedly shower, grab a bite to eat, […]

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